The ‘Vamana’ of Alternative Medicine

Remember Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu? – The unassuming Brahmin who took over the three planes in 3 steps. Today’s interview is about a man who is taking over the medical world with his path-breaking steps in alternative medicine. Our favorite complaint is the lack of time on hand. We complain all the time about how 24 hours is too less to achieve all that we want.

Dr. YOGESH KODKANI is not a slave to time. The clock doesn’t matter to him at all. He simply moves ahead of time. 

Dr. YOGESH KODKANI. To me and my family, he is a friend and magical doctor.

It is almost impossible for me to list down each of the 25+ qualifications, 50+ certificates, medals, and social activities that Dr. Kodkani is involved in.

Here is a man who uses the same 24 hours to: cure patients, study law, attend workshops, upgrade his skills, arm wrestle, get a black belt in Karate, practice Yoga, act in plays, dote on his kids, romance with his wife, chill with friends, hold medical camps, protect animals, actively participate in ISKCON activities, direct social work activities, spread social awareness, convene more than 10 active medical and social bodies, make social appearances, counsel patients, support employees, take care of his parents and in-laws. All this along with creating a positive difference in more than 50 patients a day!

His CV overflows with achievements and a GOLD medal is categorized under the title: ‘Miscellaneous’!!

It is almost impossible for me to list down each of the 25+ qualifications, 50+ certificates, medals, and social activities that Dr. Kodkani is involved in. For me, he is the most gifted doctor I know, a great friend and an inspiration. His strict persona is but a mask beneath which a great friend with a golden heart hides. Since the past 10 years, he has been treating my family, right from a common cold to a broken back, he has answers to every problem. But there is more to him than being a doctor and a friend. Read on to know more about him.

His Facebook bio says:
Practicing Integrated Holistic Medicine. Aim Health and Justice for all.

You are a perfect combination of spirituality and medicine. Where and when did this take roots?
I was born in a family where my mother was religious and my father, highly intellectual so i had influence of religion and science both. My earlier study of science especially the theories of Big Bang, evolution etc made me an atheist. However, I continued inquiry and study of science. My study of Quantum Physics brought me back to acceptance of the existence  of God as creator  and me as a particle of consciousness – the Soul.This made me  firmly fixed in Spiritual Science. I still live with my parents and their blessings keeps me balanced in medicine and spirituality.

Is there an incident that took place in your childhood/growing years that was a turning point in your life?
After my HSC exams, during the vacation, I was at the crossroads of my life. My parents wanted me to pursue medicine and I wanted to be an engineer since I felt that I had the interest and aptitude for it. During this phase, I came across the Bhagavad Gita – the manual for living. It revived my interest and quenched my quest for life. I thus decided to pursue medicine.

Today, you are known as a champion of alternative therapy in India and abroad. What made you branch out from medicine?
I often say that I was destined to be a doctor. Being born in a family that practiced Allopathic medicine, I was aware of the limitations and side effects of this science. I had decided that after completing medicine, I will study medical and healing systems that will supplement my allopathic practice.

However, while studying Allopathy, I became increasingly disillusioned and almost gave it up. Allopathy has very limited scope in treating chronic diseases, to top it, the medicines used had dangerous side-effects.

As soon as I completed MBBS, my attention turned to to other systems of Medicine .One  thing lead to another and before I  knew it I had studied Naturopathy, Homeopathy , Acupuncture, Ayurveda,  Magnet Therapy, Reiki and a host of other therapies  .
Because of the aversion I had developed towards Allopathy, I dug deep into Alternate Medical Systems to find curative  treatment for all the major and minor illnesses that one comes  across.
I was blessed by the grace of God and climbed the success ladder quite fast. Another major contributor of my success was the knowledge of my own unique system of Pulse diagnosis that I acquired and mastered through prayer and practice.

What has been the biggest roadblock to your success and how did you overcome it?
There have been several difficulties especially relating to the lack of sufficient space and infrastructure at my clinic. I have partially overcome the problem by using the space to the maximum. I still nurse a dream of moving to a bigger space where I can offer more comfort to my patients and staff members.

What kept you going through all the low phases of your life?
My steadfast faith that God knows what is best for you even  if you may not appreciate or understand it presently, has kept me going through all ups and downs.

How different are you in your professional life from your personal life? Tell me something about your role as a husband, son, brother, friend.
I don’t wear different masks or hats for different roles. I am the same person in all roles. I expect everyone I interact with to observe basic principles of friendliness, truthfulness, openness and politeness. I hate people who assume an air of false superiority. It not only puts me off but I ensure that I grab the next chance to smash it ruthlessly.

Picture perfect family: Dr. Yogesh Kodkani with his wife Dr. Janki Kodkani and children, Gauri and Nitai.

What does a typical day in your life look like?
I try to get 6 hrs sleep, so I wake up depending on what time I have slept .Mornings are rushed as I have to reach Law college at 7.30 am where I am currently studying for LLB.
I don’t leave home unless I have performed puja and mantra meditation. After college, I reach clinic  by 11.15  am. I usually work continuously till 9.30 pm, with short breaks for lunch and sandhya prayers. I go home for dinner, watch TV with my family and resolve  any difficulties my children may have with their studies.

Which is the best time of the day? What do you do at that time?
The 2 hrs before sunrise are the best for meditation, so I try to get up at this time and chant softly  16 rounds of the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra during this time.

What is your relationship with God?
I have understood that God is indeed the originator of the universe and we as spirit souls are part and parcels of him. As it is the duty of the part to serve the whole it is our duty to serve God as he is the whole of which we are part.

My personal relationship with Krsna is that  of a friend. I sometimes chide him when I am angry with him for not reciprocating the way I expect a good God to do. The relationship is inseparable and our quarrels are like those between best friends.

Who is your role model? What qualities of your role model did you apply in your real life?
My role model is Shivaji Maharaj. I emulate his qualities of courage, equality,  and non tolerance of injustice. I admire and imbibe his diplomatic acumen in times of adversity.

What is your mantra of life?
Live and let live .

What is your message for the readers?
Firmly resolve to achieve what you want to achieve. No one, not even you should come in the way of your goal. Know that ultimately God knows what is best for you so be satisfied with what you have achieved after all your efforts .

What does marriage mean to you? What is the role your spouse has played in your career journey?Marriage to me means a person with whom you may share all your feelings and thoughts .
My wife, Dr Janaki, has been very encouraging and supportive to me in my profession. I am blessed with two lovely children who complete my family.

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Here is where you can reach Dr. Yogesh Kodkani:
An extremely friendly, Niyati will answer the phone.

Nityanand Clinic
31/A, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050
Tel: +(91)-22-26556065 / +91 93241 44178

— As told to Mayura Amarkant

This is my Day 14 post for Ultimate Blogging Challenge  #DailyChatter through the amazing @BlogChatter community of bloggers.

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  1. Very Inspiring personality. Balancing each area in life is what matters the most, the clear message is conveyed from the interview. Work, family, time for self, self interest, health and spirituality, everything has to be integrated to live a peaceful life. Well written.

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    1. Dr.yogesh is such a amazing person ,superb human being , coolest doctor and my very dear friend,teacher, guide and trainer.Generally I had never seen so nice doctor as him, he don’t carry that ego which most of people in medical field carry’s on they mind,he treats and let god cures. No words can express about how good friend he is. I can just thanks god that he made happened that i can be his friend

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know Dr kodkani.i have never seen a multi-talented doctor like him.he is so talented yet so humble.he has tremendous patience and he is a friend to all his patients young and old.he is an ideal doctor son husband father and servant of lord Krishna.may Krishna bless him and his family.i am blessed to know him.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mayura! You are winner by being the medium in bringing such amazing tales. Dr Yogesh Kodkani life inspires and pushes us. Despite such achievement, he is humble and believes there is no age to learn. He is studying LLB which should propel us to push the boundary:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was such an inspiring and interesting read Mayura. Dr Kodkani is what a doctor should ideally be, holistic healing of patients is so important! His versatility and multifaceted talents are amazing. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a pleasant surprise to read about someone you know! My parents have been seeing Dr Yogesh for the past few years now, for Acupuncture. Dr Yogesh has even gifted me a gorgeous Radha-Krishna poster, which was framed and now hangs in my office in Bombay 🙂
    Small world!

    Liked by 1 person

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