Daily Dose of Motivation: Here are 5 things I do every morning to radiate positivity & warmth all day

As an entrepreneur and mother of two who loves her `me` time, sleep is a rare privilege.
Guess what?
I love sleeping!

But there is always so much to be done, so much I want to accomplish. Life is so short. And I am not getting any younger. I barely manage to get 4-5 hours of sleep every night.


Anyone who has interacted with me can swear by the fact that I am always bubbly, positive, energetic and ready to take on the world. My effervescence is contagious and many wonder how I can be this way even after long hours of work.

Well, here is the secret. There are 5 things I do every morning that help me to remain the way I am – happy, crazy and positive:

1. I wake up after I have woken up.

Sounds weird? Not.
I allow the alarm to snooze at least thrice. Roughly the first two are pure reminders. The third one is when I wake up. (It may be the 5/10th snooze for you. That is ok.) I don’t open my eyes, I just lie in bed for a brief period. Many thoughts breeze through my mind, right from whether my child has an important project that needs attention, to the dabba, to the important deliverables in office, to world peace. These 5 minutes allow the chaos in my mind to settle.

2. Jaadu ki jhappi

This is the most important medicine I need in the morning. If I wake up beside my kids and husband, I give them a long, warm hug. Another 5 minutes is spent in basking in their love. In case I wake up at my in-laws/parents home or in office, then a quick hug to the immediate family or close colleague does the trick. (Don’t raise your eyebrows when I say ‘colleague’. Stop sending your imagination on a wild trip…lol…it’s a harmless hug.) I go back to my bed and snuggle into my blanket for a while. (A cold morning must begin with a touch of warmth).

3. Remember that the world needs me

I have a really cosy bed and the most comfortable bedsheets in the world. Everything is simply perfect for long hours of blissful sleep. There are days when my bed subscribes to additional gravity and I get sucked into the comfort.(I have really small eyes so, in the morning, even if my eyes are open, it appears as if they are closed) I squint while I look at the clock, with every tick, I tell myself that I am an important person. The world needs my positivity to keep it going. (A bit far fetched and a tad megalomaniac stance, but it works for me)

4. Count my blessings

There are so many reasons to wake up bleary-eyed, annoyed and irritated. Right from the geyser not working to maid/driver not turning up to remembering I had to send an important mail. These external factors don’t affect me as much when I count my blessings. There are reasons to be thankful. From the fact that I am alive to the abundance of love that I have in my life. Just counting my blessings helps me focus on the good things life offers. Whenever I have suffered a huge setback, I bounce back by counting my blessings in the morning.

5. Look into the mirror and tell myself how AWESOME I am!

I waddle to the washbasin with a signature duck walk, squinting to avoid the glare of the morning light. I splash some water on my puffed morning face and smile within. In a Bollywood-style move, I look into my eyes in the mirror and tell myself how awesome I am. I smile to myself and congratulate myself for being an AMAZING mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mentor, colleague, sister, wife and friend.

After this 20-minute morning ritual, I step out to face the morning madness. Scurrying around like a crazy person to finish chores and reach office on time.

Life isn’t perfect. I also have reasons to wake up sad, unhappy, tired, annoyed and irritated. What’s more, I do lead an extremely busy and mostly thankless life, just like many of you.

But I refuse to give the keys of my peace in anyone else’s hands. My happiness is something I own. Thus I can control it the same way as I can control my sadness.

What do you do to banish your blues? Would love to read your views in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share this post if it touched your heart.

Penned by

Mayura Amarkant





  1. I never leave my house without Hugging my Kid, sometimes Husband too 😉
    I believe morning regime can make or break your day. Encouraging thought- World needs me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. very well written. I envy people who can sleep less and sleep like 4- 5 hours a day. I cannot and thats the reason although I wish to do so many things but cannot . Keep up the good writing


  3. Until recently I hated being hugged. But I can really now know the power of a hug. I love your routine 😉
    Mine is crazy with no pattern.


  4. Hahahaha looking in the mirror and talking to myself… That’s how I spend my mornings 😉 i never leave home without a hug… The day feels incomplete otherwise. Loved reading all your points 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You posts adds positivity to everyone who reads 🙂
    And i should learn from you like hugging family and expressing things to myself at least , i am bad at those :p
    And warmth of blanket …reminds me winter is coming ❤
    My favourite season !

    Liked by 1 person

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