The Power of Prayer

Have you ever woken up with a disturbed mental state?

Have you ever failed and blamed everything on fate?

Do dark clouds loom over your head?

And you feel you’d prefer total doom instead…

It is at such times my dear,

You shouldn’t give in to fear,

Place your sadness in God’s hand,

And beneath his wing, you will stand.

As you are one of his precious children,

He will protect you and your brethren,

So pray to him in times of sadness

He is the key to the source of happiness

In the dark clouds, you will see a silver lining

He will give you peace…that passeth all understanding.

Penned by

Mayura Amarkant 

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  1. For a woman or a man..this poem addresses all mankind I guess. Having faith in God or any force gives us a lot of strength. And without the dips, there is no value of the high too. But instead of just praying for help we should also pray in gratitude. Do u agree Mayura?

  2. I have always felt that if we pray out of fear it is futile rather we need to speak from heart to the divine. It maybe God of any religion but opening our heart and mind to the divine is a must.

  3. That was such a beautiful poetry. I truly believe in showing gratitute in all my prayers. It sort of sets me free and I feel sorted. I really loved your take on Prayers.

  4. That prayers and gratitude have the power to heal is something I Strongly believe in ! It helps if we make a habit out of it and not resort only in times of distress.

  5. Prayers have power, I realized it when mom was feeling very sick and people were saying all bad things, (I was eight then) my silent prayers brought her back to me, healthier than ever. Prayers have a huge role in your determination, I realized when the only thing I asked from almighty was the man of my life today. The prayers were answered and we have a happy family today. Prayers are our own positive manifestations with blessings from high above.

  6. Prayer has the power. I think we also pray to keep God in our confronting zone and also prayers are constant reminders of our wishes. Praying makes us more determined towards goal and also fills heart with gratitude. You have penned a poem with all perspectives, good to know your poetic side Mayura.

  7. Such an amazing start to this auspicious day with this beautiful prayer. I strongly believe in the power of prayer, if done with pure heart & belief. Thank you for this reminder that God is there to help us out.

  8. What a day to read this post, Mayura! Today is the first day of Navratri and I fast during this time for my daughter. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and always fond my hand in reverence to the higher power that guides and blesses us.

  9. I agree that prayers or Pooja can never go wrong, you have covered this feeling beautifully in your poem. Keep sharing such a piece of writings!!

  10. Beautifully penned. Prayers are healing, I have felt peace, tranquility and freedom when I surrender to almighty. I am grateful for all the good and bad times.

  11. I agree dear prayers have amazing healing power and during hard days it is the only way to have faith and control the negative emotions.

  12. Thank you for sharing this beautifully written article with me.
    Prayer is essential for our spiritual sustenance and growth. Through it we may praise God and express our love for Him, as well as beseech Him for assistance. The capacity to meditate is a distinguishing feature of the human being. And human progress would be impossible without reflection and contemplation. The purpose of prayer is to get closer to God, to help better one’s own conduct and to request divine assistance.
    May God’s Blessings be with you to help many with your words and wisdom. Thank you again

  13. Thank you ma’am for this lovely poem. Prayer is important because it connects us with the almighty who listens to it.

  14. This Was so beautiful ,hopeful and almost like a rainbow that I really couldn’t connect when I read it for the first time
    “Place your sadness in God’s hand and beneath your wings you will you will stand ” is so powerful I gel blessed that I came to know you.You weave poetry magic

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