Patriarchy starts from the Bible

Poem on Gender Inequality in India: The day I died…

Ok, before you jump to conclusions,
this poem is NOT about my life.
It is a social commentary.  

When I saw the film, #PINK, I was inspired to post this. 

Do share your thoughts. Have you gone through any of these pains?

Does the patriarchal society bother you as well?

Patriarchy starts from the Bible 

When did I really die?

Was it the day I was taught to ‘sit properly’ just because I was a girl?

Or the day I realised that there were different rules for us?

Or the day my brother was allowed to keep his motorbike despite accidents and police trysts?

Or was it the day I had a single accident and my bike was sold?

Was it the day my friend’s sister showed off her dowry?

Or the day I realised that marriage is an emotional and material deal?

Was it the day I got married?

Or the day I realised that I was now a wife?

Did I die the day the pregnancy test was positive?

Or was it the day I realised the responsibilities of a mother?

Did I die the day my boyfriend slapped me for the first time?

Or was it the day when scolding, blaming and beating became part of marriage?

Maybe I died when I was told that I was a woman

Or was it when I was exploited the first time?

When my cousin tried to molest me and my father hushed up everything

Or when a relative teased me and my in-laws chose to remain quiet

Maybe dying was a process and not an event. But now the stink is unbearable.

The silence pierces through the darkness deafening me

Ummm…Maybe I just died …just before I wrote this…

– Penned by

Mayura Amarkant

Special thanks to Vishal Bheeroo, a conversation with him reminded me that I had written this poem a while ago.



  1. Awesome piece of poetry..and these are the bitter truths of our society. You have penned own everything which is wrong in our society. .heard a lot about PINK..Gonna watch it soon..


  2. Such a true and emotional poem.I think there’s never going to be gender equality because woman are always going to be superior.We give birth we are mothers. We can do everything. That’s why a section of society is afraid to acknowledge our existence.
    They believe if they say it enough times we will believe that we are inferior.
    We can be “Maa Durga &Maa Kaali’s .
    Superb rhythm. And heartbreaking imagery.
    Not seen Pink yet.But your poem is ….


  3. This is brilliantly written. Strong stuff. As someone mentioned in the comments above, its annoying that this does not arise in the heads of every Indian.
    Also, congrats on the AlexaRank! 🙂 Huge huge improvement.


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