Trapped In Heaven and other stories by Mayura Amarkant

Short Story: Trapped In Heaven | Mayura Amarkant

Story: Trapped in Heaven

A housewife and a widow are living parallel lives. While the housewife loves day dreaming at the balcony, the widow loves singing songs in the garden. Their lives are similar in more ways than one. An untold story of every homemaker, Trapped in Heaven, will tell you why some of your friends behave the way they do.

Trapped In Heaven and other stories by Mayura Amarkant

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Trapped In Heaven & other stories is an anthology of fiction written by debutante author, Mayura Amarkant. It contains 9 short stories that circle around the myriad shades of love and relationships. Using a gripping narrative, Mayura spins each story with great élan, keeping the reader hooked till the end.

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If you are a die-hard romantic or a fan of erotica, then this book is for you.

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Mayura Amarkant 


  1. Mayura, this is so beautifully penned. This is one of the scariest things in a relationship. It could break it you know. You brought out the emotion so well. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading the story. Yes, you are right, a good marriage can be the foundation of a great family tree and a fantastic life. I will surely visit your blog as well.

  2. I guess a lot of women can relate to this one. This kind of is my story a lot of times when I really want to be in the moment and enjoy my peace but mostly I am glad to have my kids around me as they are really my support :). They are too cute and mostly I don’t mind to disturb them.

  3. And where did you get the fabulous pictures from? Especially the cover/main pic which looks like a poster designed for this story. It’s beautiful.

  4. A highly evocative piece Mayura. The familiar sort of longing evokes memories from my past, but I don’t recall anyone else with such a yearning, I am sure many people are out there, nurturing wistful dreams like hers. Loved it.

  5. Wow enjoyed reading the scenaries from the beginning and later onwards the sad part begins …
    And i think i know many woman.
    Because often i hear from my aunts and frnds who are married, complaining that the craze of marriage lasts only for some years

    1. yeah…I have also observed this in many people around me…it is really sad. However, I have ensured that my marriage is not like this. You should too…(whenever it happens).

  6. That’s a really lovely read Mayura :). In any marriage, it’s really important that both the individuals strive to make it work. If only one makes the effort, things just go downhill. I liked the way you described the surroundings, the weather and the way these influenced her happiness only to be given a rude shock.

  7. Heartbreaking! I hope she one day gets her life back… loved your narration… how you captured the longingness of the women.

  8. Beautifully penned Mayura! So sad to be in a one-sided relation, especially in a marriage! You’ve brought out her anticipation, emotion and angst so well! Well done!

  9. Beautiful! Although thank god I haven’t faced much of that personally but I know many women might be going through the above!

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